Hi there.

My name is Praveen, but for reasons unknown to me, most people do not call me by that name. Depending on the general temper level in the room and my relationships with the people therein,  I tend to be referred to as anything from “Prav” to “PT” to “[censored]”. Take your pick.

Since I popped into the big bad world on a cold Saturday night in 1974, I’ve done quite a few things. I’ve rebelled against my parents, lived in four countries, annoyed a lot of bosses (and made some of them happy), worked for eight separate firms, and lived in apartments which varied from slum standard to quite nice. None of that has taken away my habit of squeezing toothpaste tubes from the top, which of course, annoys my wife immensely.

Natasha is my wife and partner of eight years, and was a close friend long before that. Beneath her facade of a hard-nosed career person, there lies a great deal of spiritualism and intellectualism (she’s Bengali, after all ;)). She believes in Feng Shui, Chakras, and my general cluelessness when it comes to toothpaste tubes.

Brickbats are welcome, bouquets even more so. Feel free to contribute either.



(with non-verbal inputs from Nat)


11 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks IHM! I’ve been thinking of starting this for a long time now, and I’ve finally got some time to devote to it, so it’s great. For a while, at least.

      Looking forward to hearing your insightful views!

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